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eCompare Review – World First 7-Platform Price Comparison Store Builder

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Private label is a hot topic right now. There are plenty of courses and ecompare review that you can and probably should avail yourself of. This 74 page book is not meant to be a replacement for any course. Obviously, I can't dig as deep into private label in such a short amount of pages, but I do show you a shortcut.

I also don't recommend a private label project being your first foray into selling on Amazon. Our first few FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) products were items we sourced at local thrift shops. You don't have to start at the same place I did, but I highly recommend getting your feet wet with inventory besides private label.

It will allow you to start slow and learn how the process works. In fact, I'm assuming that you already have at least some experience with selling on Amazon. It's okay if you don't, but some of the terminology I use might not make complete sense. If you're just getting started with selling on Amazon please check out the Proven Amazon Course. It will give you a good foundation to build on.

Also, since the first printing of this book my friend Brett Bartlett introduced his Proven Performance Inventory course. It's a perfect compliment to the easy way method of private label. Using Brett's method to follow the Amazon data and find what he calls the “golden gaps” along with my methods of sourcing products will provide a strong business strategy.

We sincerely hope this book is a blessing to you and your business I know this is not a biography about me, but I think stories are inspiring and I love to hear how people have got to where they are so for a few pages please permit me to tell mine. Of course, you're welcome to skip ahead. Even though I know you want to hear about every detail of my life :) I'll jump ahead to 2004 when I first read Jim Cockrum's book the Silent Sales Machine.

At the time I was living in Indiana and working for a congressman. I loved my job, but I knew I wanted to run my own business someday. I would always come up with business ideas but never really had the capital or the knowledge to implement them. Fast forward to 2008 and I found myself without a job because the campaign I was managing was unsuccessful.

The only two things I knew at that time were 1) I was moving to Texas 2) I was getting married I had no idea what the next step in my career was. I reached out to a couple of the local congressional offices and also put my resume out on some of the online job sites, but nothing really excited me like the prospects of running my own business. My wife and my mother-in-law started a small furniture business back in 2005.

They had access to some wholesale sources and decided to start putting ads on craigslist for furniture. It was a nice little part-time income for them, but they really didn't have the time to make it a full-time enterprise. I didn't really know anything about furniture, but at the time it seemed like the easiest business to start with since my wife and mother-in-law already had the contacts. I was excited to get going, but my wife at first didn't believe that it could be full time income for us. She told me I needed to go get a job.

I agreed to continue looking for a job while attempting to make the ecompare review. So I continued to submit my resume to online job sites, but my heart and the majority of my time went to building the furniture business. So instead of the one or two, here and there approach to posting craigslist ads, I ramped it up by posting several a day.

The calls started coming in and so I continued posting. It was slow at first. I even remember our very first sale. I had submitted an ad for a TV stand. I listed it for $199. Our cost was $119. A gentlemen called us and said he was interested in it but wanted to see it first. Now we didn't have a store or anything so I didn't know how to make that happen other than going ahead and purchasing it from our supplier and then hoping he liked it. At the time $119 was a big deal so I told them there was really no way for us to show it to him first. We hung up and I had lost a sale.

I sat there for a few minutes and decided to call him back and tell him that I would pick one up and bring it to him in the hopes that he would purchase it. He agreed under the condition that if he didn't like it he wouldn't have to buy it. This was definitely a risk, but I hoped that once he saw it, he would purchase it.

So I got in our Toyota 4-Runner drove 25 minutes to the supplier's warehouse, gave them my precious $119 and drove over to this guy's house with my fingers crossed and praying he would buy it. For him to see it we had to open the box and remove the protective styrofoam and packaging. Thank God he liked it because He decided to take it and our furniture business was born. That was in early December 2008.

We made 16 more sales that month and ended the year with a whopping $6154 in sales. In 2009 our momentum continued and we ended the year with a little over $250,000 in sales. All through local Craigslist ads. In those days my wife and I literally did every part of the business ourselves. We didn't even know what the term outsource meant.

Her job was to post the ads and my job was all the heavy lifting - picking up the furniture at our supplier's warehouse and delivering it to our customers. I can't even imagine now driving all over the place doing deliveries, but the Lord gave me the grace to do it and and I even enjoyed it. I was new to North Texas so driving all over the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex gave me an opportunity to learn the roads and see new places and of course try all the local Mexican places. Some people preferred to save the delivery fee and pick up the furniture themselves.

At the time we didn't have a warehouse so that meant people had to come to our house to pick ecompare review  up. We couldn't fit the cars in the garage because it was full of furniture.

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