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Autonars Review – Putting your webinar profits on autopilot

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So… once you have your profile all set up and some boards created, it’s time to join autonars review and to pin. (We will come back to group boards.) You’ll want to pin relevant content from third parties (content that is not your own, but still in your niche) PLUS you’ll want to pin your own content. How much should you pin? I currently pin around 80 - 1 20 pins per day, depending on the day.

This number will start smaller for you if you have less than 50 posts and are on less than 50 group boards. It will increase as you grow your posts and group boards. (There’s those group boards again, hold that thought.) There is a pretty widely suggested pinning ratio of 80 /20, as in pin 80% other people’s pins, 20% your pins. And maybe that’s been working great for lots of people. But because with this strategy you are MANUALLY pinning, ain’t nobody got time for that.

I probably pin 80 /20 MY OWN content / other’s content. It’s working great. (If you are just starting on pinterest and have less than 50 posts on your blog / are on less than 50 group boards, you probably will pin more other people’s content to begin with.)

? ? When you pin a? new? image, either from your blog with your pin it button, or by uploading the pin to pinterest, you should be sure to be writing keyword heavy descriptions for the pin. Some people suggest that it’s also beneficial to write as a “fan” of the pin instead of as the author of the post. Use the same methods for finding the keywords as you used for naming your boards.

The pinterest search box is NOT going to steer you in the wrong direction when it comes to keywords. I try to use two variations of keywords per description. (Side note, but relevant: I wrote a post on themes for wordpress in July, and that poor post has not gotten ANY traction. I know it’s a great post, because it managed to generate me three commission payments with only a handful of people having ever READ the post - and by a handful I mean less than 21 . THAT’s how many page views I’ve managed to get on that post.

For perspective, I have posts with over 1 0,000 page views written AFTER this theme post. I absolutely COULD NOT get this post into people’s pinterest feeds. I had no idea why. I gave up pinning it manually and ran it through board booster for a month. Didn’t help. One night I decided to pin it manually with new keywords (sourced from the pinterest search box) for it, and not kidding, within two hours I had an email regarding the post saying “thank you for this great information! I’ve been so torn about themes, and this really helped me decide.”

And two days later I got a $35 commission on it. SO? USE GOOD KEYWORDS FROM PINTEREST IN YOUR DESCRIPTIONS?.) OK, let’s get back to pinning. How often (& when) am I pinning & does it matter? When I started with this strategy, I was pinning three times a day, everyday. I tried for sometime between 11am and 2pm (my pins) and again between 5pm and 7pm (my pins).

I would do half my autonars review in the morning and half at night and then I would re-pin third party content late at night when pinterest was less busy. (This obviously worked, because my traffic started skyrocketing right away.) Now I pin twice a day when I can, but I do my third party pinning at the same time. If I DON’T have time to pin twice in the day, I aim for once between 2 and 6 pm. This seems just as successful, and it takes me much less time.

If I’m forced to pin in the morning only, traffic does seem to be down a bit by night. (Which is sad, because the evenings are generally WAY better than the day, for me at least.) You should experiment with what times work best for you When I’m pinning, I am not pinning much of my own content to my OWN boards.

THAT would probably seem spammy to the people who happen to be following me. I’m pinning the vast majority of my own content to group boards. I do pin all my relevant content (my OWN content) to each of MY relevant boards eventually, but it’s not the first place I pin it. Group boards are a pinterest miracle. They are the reason that bloggers can grow SO quickly on pinterest.

In May when I started trying to figure out pinterest, I heard so many bloggers (who had been blogging for a while) say things like, “with the new algorithm, group boards just aren’t what they used to be”. Well… I can NOT IMAGINE how easy it must have been to gain a massive pinterest following with whatever group boards were like before.

Sure, maybe with the new algorithm group boards might be more work than they used to be, but if you are just starting out on pinterest that is neither here nor there you. Group boards are still where it’s at. (And I personally believe that “pinterest is not what it used to be because of schedulers, not because of an algorithm.) Group boards are boards that are started by one person, and that person’s followers are (usually) also following that board.

So group boards can have many many THOUSANDS of followers, if the pinner who started the board has many many thousands of followers. If you pin a pin to your own board, and you have 300 followers, there is a good chance that 300 people might see it. If you pin a pin to a group board with 300k followers, there is a good chance that 300k people might see it.

(This isn’t exactly how it works, since the new algorithm doesn’t show all pins to all followers, but you still have a much farther reach than if you are just pinning to your own boards?.) I strongly suggest you join at least ?50 group boards over the next month or so. (I would join lots more than that, because eventually you will leave some.

You don’t know when you are joining a board if it’s going to be “good” for you or not… you have to test it.) I am on 71 group boards today, and yesterday I was on 76. I would happily be on more tomorrow if I could find more to get on tonight. Finding Group Boards There’s a few ways to find group boards, and I’ll go over a couple of them. My least favorite way is with

It’s an online directory of all the group boards out there, and it’s tedious at best. That being said, it often can tell you if a board is good or not without having to do too much of your own pin - testing. Here’s a screenshot of a search for group boards in pingroupie (above). I searched for boards based on autonars review and repins. I also pay attention to number of followers.

Find boards that look like they would fit your niche by hovering over “description” and if you think it would work for your pins, try to join that board.

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